YETS Foundation

YETS Foundation uses sport as a means to support a vulnerable young generation in their development and to guide them towards a positive role in their community and thereby strengthen it.

Together with the YETS team we created a new professional look. A bold new logo that is a call back to a family crest. A symbol for the whole organisation to rally behind.

  • Client

    YETS Foundation

  • Deliverables

    - Logo & Stationary
    - Website
    - Merchandise
    - Social Media
    - Continued design work.

  • Collaborators

    Daan Kuyper, Niels Hofsteenge, Dora Varga

Along with the main foundation there are several sub organisations. These all get to wave the same flag as the foundation by using the family crest icon  with their own color.

This creates a strong and recognisable ecosystem for the organisation as a whole.